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Fairy Amulet Necklace – 1.5″ Glass Pendant with Stones on 23″ Chain Growing up as an Abingdon Virginia native, Jennifer Counts was immersed in the arts and culture of the southern Appalachian region at an early age. She credits her inherent inspiration from nature and her creative ingenuity to her Cherokee roots. Jennifer enjoys painting in oil but has several other bodies of work in which she uses acrylic inks and other various media. In addition to painting, she also designs unique pieces of wearable art by combining her interest in healing crystals and gemstones with her skills in metalsmithing, wood-burning, and the ability to create various components from found objects. Jennifer and her husband, Kyle Buckland, work out of their home studio in Abingdon. They have both been full time artists since 2008, making a living selling their art through shops, galleries, exhibitions and festivals including their local farmer’s market. Jennifer’s work can be found in many galleries and shops around the southern Appalachian region. She continues to be active in pursuing her dreams and is working to grow her business.


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