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The practice of canning, or preserving foods, has been around for millenia. Our ancestors were quick to realize that they had to come up with ways to extend the life of their foods, especially through the harsh winters. In the past 200-300 years, canning became increasingly popular (and needed) in “the South”. People were blessed with bountiful harvests throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall months, and due to poverty and poor living conditions, they would preserve their extra meats/fruits/vegetables so that they and their families would have access to ”fresh” food throughout the year. It seems, however, that this once needed practice has fallen to the wayside, thanks to a better economy and numerous advances in food preservation technology (ie. refrigerators and freezers).

The SWVA Cultural Center & Marketplace is ready to help canning make a comeback! We will be offering hands-on classes this Summer, showing you recipes, techniques, and tips, in all things food preservation! Each class will be a different theme, and the best part?…You get to take home what you made that day!

Join us in helping bring back this (delicious) southern tradition. Now, “Let’s Jam!”

$15 per class, plus tax. All classes are 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM.

Schedule is as follows:

  • April 18th – Strawberry Salsa
  • June 20th – Blueberry Jam
  • August 22nd – Preserving Tomatoes
  • October 10th – Apple Butter
  • December 12th – Sauerkraut

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